Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Leave the cleaning to us

You focus on making great food. Leave the cleaning to us.

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You focus on making great food. Leave the cleaning to us.

Diversey’s cleaning products and services help dining establishments look their best.

When diners enter your establishment, they form immediate judgments about your food from the sights and the smells. So those first few seconds really count. To welcome them. To project quality. To let them know they’re in for a great dining experience.
Diversey partners with fine dining and fast food restaurants, as well as contract and in-flight caterers, to make sure that first impression is the right one. We offer products and services to keep the dining room spotless. We help you ensure strict food-handling procedures are followed. From the dining room to restrooms to the kitchen – your guests will see how seriously you take cleanliness and food safety.
With Diversey, you get leading expertise within the food service industry that:

Enhances Your Image

  • Immaculate interior, bright table dressings and shining cutlery
  • Food safety systems that protect your brand
  • A complete range of services for entire premises

Creates a Safer Working Environment

  • Product systems designed for staff and safety
  • Hygiene and safety regulations compliance
  • Proven methods to raise standards and productivity

Improves Operational Effeciency

  • Total solution for all cleaning and hygiene needs
  • Accurate dispensing systems to ensure less waste
  • Simple cleaning programs and training tools

Improves Kitchen Safety

  • Unrivaled knowledge, advice, systems and products to help you achieve cleanliness, safety and efficiency in the kitchen
  • Reduce employee accidents
  • Ensuring safe, effective and efficient preparation of food

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