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Horrific Hygiene On Flights Revealed

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Horrific Hygiene On Flights Revealed: Poo On Tray Tables, Urine On Seats And 80 Million Bacteria Living On Your Suitcase

As if flying wasn’t stressful enough, a study into hygiene and cleaning standards on planes has unearthed some pretty grizzly facts.
In what is essentially a hygiene horror story, a study has shown that suitcases come into contact with up to 80 millionbacteria before they reach your hotel room.
Meanwhile, an airline attendant has revealed that people have used plane tray tables – you know, the ones you eat your mid-flight meal off – for changing baby’s nappies and cutting their finger nails.
And, the attendant reveals, these trays often aren’t cleaned properly between flights.

The study by Aquaint found that (on average) four baggage handlers, two taxi drivers, a hotel porter and one member of airline staff will handle any one piece of luggage.
The average person carries over 10 million bacteria on their hands (in comparison to just 33,000 found on public surfaces), which means that luggage alone can come into contact with a whole host of unfriendly germs.
According to previous research, faecal matter is present on a staggering 26% of hands in the UK – so chances are, there might be a bit of poo lurking on your baggage too.
In what is probably the most eye-opening insight of all, a cabin crew member of a large airline commented: “Cleaners don’t have time to thoroughly clean planes between journeys, as they are under pressure constantly to provide a quick turn-around.
“I have seen passengers change their baby’s nappy on the tray table, cut their fingernails on board and even urinate in the seats.
“The carpets are filthy and the toilet floors are worse.
“I would always encourage passengers to sanitise their tray tables and other surfaces before take off, use a sanitising spray on their hands after using the loo and never walk barefoot around the cabin.”
A study in the Journal of Environmental Health Research suggested that passengers may be up to 100 times more likely to catch a cold on a plane than in their normal day-to-day-life.
It also found that container trays used to hold shoes, clothes and bags for airport security X-Ray machines were bacteria traps, with enough harmful bacteria to make passengers ill.
Meanwhile, research conducted in the USA found that bacteria causing cold viruses, influenza, MRSA, E-coli and listeria have all been discovered on planes and in airports.
So, how can you get around these unsanitary conditions?
Cleaning the drop-down tray table is imperative, says a spokesperson from Aquaint, and it’s also worth cleaning armrests and seatbelt fastenings.
Although cabins are cleaned by airlines, findings by the Auburn University in Alabama, USA, revealed that disease-causing bacteria can survive for up to a week inside plane cabins, on surfaces such as tray tables, seat pockets, armrests and window blinds.
It is also important to sanitise hands properly before and after using the toilet – especially if hot water and soap is not available.
“Public toilets on planes, in airports, on cruise ships and in hotels are shared by many people, and it’s always best to err on the side of caution,” says Aquaint’s spokesperson.
They also advise against walking around barefoot while on board, as carpets aren’t cleaned regularly and are potentially “teeming with bacteria”

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Dirty Toilet Survey

SCA survey reveals dirty toilets top list of restaurant disappointments for Brits

Clean restaurant toilets are more important to Brits than having good customer service, nice food presentation and even the company to share the experience with, reveals a new survey carried out by leading hygiene experts, SCA.

The survey, which asked over 500 restaurant guests about their dining habits and preferences, found that nearly a third of respondents have been disappointed by the levels of cleanliness they have experienced in a restaurant toilet area.Dirty toilets were found to have a negative impact on a guest’s overall perception of a restaurant. But that’s not all. Bad toilet hygiene can actually be bad for business.
The survey identified customer word of mouth as having potentially severe consequences for restaurant owners with below par facilities. Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed said they have advised someone not to eat at a restaurant, with 46 per cent claiming that experiencing an unhygienic toilet would be a good reason to recommend against visiting an establishment.
Women are more concerned by questionable hygiene standards than men, with over half (54 per cent) of female respondents saying unsanitary toilets would be reason enough to tell their friends and family to avoid dining at a particular restaurant.
The survey also found that more than half of respondents have shared pictures of their restaurant experiences on social media, with seven per cent admitting to snapping a picture of the toilet facilities on their smartphones.
As a global hygiene company, SCA conducted this survey to understand the exact scale of the hygiene challenge for restaurant-owners and the results were clear. Given the lasting impressions they can have on a diner’s experience, restaurants need to make sure that their toilet areas are kept clean and hygienic in order to keep customers returning and avoid negative word of mouth or online comments.” Says Ben Heppenstall, Communications Manager at SCA.
Other interesting statistics from the SCA survey:
  • Missing toilet paper ranks as one of the key annoyances during a restaurant visit
  • 40 per cent of those surveyed said that a nice fragrance in the bathroom adds to the dining experience
  • 6 out of 10 respondents consider quality paper towels to be a basic detail in a restaurant bathroom
  • 63 per cent of respondents listed being attentive as their most appreciated trait in waiting staff
  • Snapping a picture of a meal is the most common reason to reach for the smartphone during a restaurant trip, followed by capturing partners and friends. Unsurprisingly, over a third of those surveyed have taken a selfie in a restaurant

Sca Keeps the most ethical ranking

SCA keeps its world’s most ethical ranking


Global hygiene and forestry company SCA has been acclaimed as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for the eighth year in a row.

The World’s Most Ethical Companies rankings recognise those companies who demonstrate superior achievements in transparency, integrity, ethics and compliance.The recognition comes from the prestigious Ethisphere Institute, whose chief executive office, Timothy Erblich, said: “SCA joins an exclusive community committed to driving performance through leading business practices. We congratulate everyone at SCA for this extraordinary achievement.”
As part of its commitment to running an ethical business, SCA places a strong focus on achieving the global sustainability goals that are set out in its newly-published 2014 Sustainability Report,
The responsible and sustainable management of resources is a key part of SCA’s business strategy, with clear and measurable sustainability targets set out in the report. The company aims to combat climate change and minimise its impact on the environment through a combination of new innovations, technology and efficiency gains.
Sally Barker, UK managing director of SCA, said: “SCA places strong emphasis on corporate responsibility and we are honoured to be named one of the world’s most ethical companies for the eighth consecutive year.
“This recognition reflects the trust we strive to earn each day from our customers, consumers and business partners, and how our employees manage our operations in a responsible way.”

8 Germiest Public Places

8 of the Germiest Public Places – Some May Surprise You


It’s an exciting world out there, but it can be pretty germy, too. That’s according to the editors of Prevention Magazine, who have compiled a list of the eight public places that bacteria like best.
  1. Restaurant menus – Except for a quick swipe with a dirty rag, when was the last time you saw your menu being cleaned? Right after handing it back would be a good time for a PURELL moment.
  2. Lemon wedges –According to a 2007 study in the Journal of Environmental Health, nearly 70% of lemon wedges on restaurant glasses contain disease-causing microbes—including, in some cases, E. coli and other fecal bacteria. How about skipping the fruit garnish?
  3. Condiment dispensers – Remember those rarely cleaned restaurant menus? Ditto for the salt and pepper shakers, ketchup and mustard bottles and other shared table property.
  4. Restroom door handles – Some people wash their hands before exiting public restrooms. Others don’t. Yikes.
  5. Bulk soap dispensers – Ironically, bulk soap dispensers can actually be a breeding ground for germs. Bulk soap dispensers are the kind where soap is poured into the top. One study showed that 25% were contaminated, some with fecal matter. While you don’t usually have a choice, the ones that use sealed cartridge-style refills are safe.
  6. Grocery carts – A University of Arizona study revealed that the handles of almost two-thirds of tested shopping carts were contaminated with fecal bacteria. In fact, the bacterial count on the typical supermarket cart handle exceeded that of the average public restroom.
  7. Airplane restrooms – You’re 100 times likelier to catch a cold when you’re up in the air than on the ground. And that’s the least of your problems. When airplane bathrooms were tested, E. coli was found on faucets, doorknobs and other surfaces.
  8. Your doctor’s office –After all, it’s where sick people hang out.
Sure, the public can be a germy place, but have no fear. Just be sure and keep a small size bottle of PURELL with you for a quick burst of refreshing wellness.
Only PURELL® Brand Hand Sanitizer gives you this feeling of well being as you dine, shop, travel and explore your world.

About Astral Hygiene Ltd

About Astral Hygiene Ltd

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An independent family business where service counts
Our mission is to be on the same team as our customers. We want to provide outstanding customer service with highest quality products at the lowest prices. We will work diligently to make sure your orders are filled properly and promptly. Our customers will know we are there for them and will not lose sight of that responsibility and privilege.
Astral Hygiene began its journey in 1992 specialising in the Hygiene and Janitorial sector. Astral Hygiene services clients throughout the UK, having grown substantially since we opened the doors. The firm is operated by a board of directors who are equipped with knowledge, experience and expertise in our core discipline of hygiene and janitorial supplies unrivalled by our competitors. We are proud of where we are today, and are excited by what tomorrow may bring.
The business supplies various cleaning, hygiene and janitorial products, including Diversey, TORK, SCA and Georgia Pacific products. Sourced from the UK, the products are particularly suitable for business and domestic markets and can help reduce cost. Enabling clients to work in a safer cleaner enviroment throughout the year, the company supplies businesses with a professional cleaning and janitorial product selection. We are now in a position to offer state of the art warehousing facilities, to offer our clients and future clients janitorial supplies however large in size and scale.
Astral Hygiene Ltd has an expanding customer base, based in the UK, Astral Hygiene Ltd are now distributing to all parts of the UK including many large leading prominent businesses and government facilities.

Leave the cleaning to us

You focus on making great food. Leave the cleaning to us.

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You focus on making great food. Leave the cleaning to us.

Diversey’s cleaning products and services help dining establishments look their best.

When diners enter your establishment, they form immediate judgments about your food from the sights and the smells. So those first few seconds really count. To welcome them. To project quality. To let them know they’re in for a great dining experience.
Diversey partners with fine dining and fast food restaurants, as well as contract and in-flight caterers, to make sure that first impression is the right one. We offer products and services to keep the dining room spotless. We help you ensure strict food-handling procedures are followed. From the dining room to restrooms to the kitchen – your guests will see how seriously you take cleanliness and food safety.
With Diversey, you get leading expertise within the food service industry that:

Enhances Your Image

  • Immaculate interior, bright table dressings and shining cutlery
  • Food safety systems that protect your brand
  • A complete range of services for entire premises

Creates a Safer Working Environment

  • Product systems designed for staff and safety
  • Hygiene and safety regulations compliance
  • Proven methods to raise standards and productivity

Improves Operational Effeciency

  • Total solution for all cleaning and hygiene needs
  • Accurate dispensing systems to ensure less waste
  • Simple cleaning programs and training tools

Improves Kitchen Safety

  • Unrivaled knowledge, advice, systems and products to help you achieve cleanliness, safety and efficiency in the kitchen
  • Reduce employee accidents
  • Ensuring safe, effective and efficient preparation of food